There are a lot of energy drinks and pills out there that people love to use before a workout. Because lets be honest who doesn’t benefit from a little boost? The bad thing about these products is that they are highly addictive and can potentially become a health hazard.

The chemicals used in these supplements are not only dangerous but they actually lower your exercise tolerance and endurance when performing without them.

The reason why I am writing about this is because I got tired of trying numerous energy supplements which always left me jittery, very anxious and fearing for my life since my heart rate would sky rocket.

All I needed was a little kick of energy to get my routine going. Fortunately I was able to find more than one alternative to these harmful chemicals. And guess what? These alternatives are 100% natural, which means no crazy side effects!

• The Double Espresso Shot –Caffeine has been used for decades and is now the number one natural pre-workout out there. WARNING! If you are caffeine sensitive you might want to try a single shot first. I love espressos since they tiny yet very powerful. This shot will leave you super pumped and more than ready to have an amazing workout!

• The Sweet & Spicy Ginger Shot- Perfect way to get a boost without caffeine! Simple yet extremely effective, mixing ginger and turmeric juice with lime, a bit of cayenne pepper and some honey, will allow you to remain alert and full of energy. Ginger and Turmeric also act as a digestive aid and have anti-inflammatory properties. Also, these wonderful roots speed up your metabolism and circulation. Can we ask for more? I don’t think so ;)

• Good Ol’ Green Tea- Love, love, love the boost I get from green tea. I say this because the energy you get is a result of the vitamins and minerals found in green tea, not the caffeine, so you never crash. This miracle tea is widely known to help get rid of stubborn fat specifically around your belly. It accelerates your metabolism and contains an amazing amino acid called L-theanine, which promote relaxation but still provide energy so you don’t end up all jittery.

• Apple Cider Vinegar- I have to admit that this isn’t the best tasting alternative from my natural pre workout selection, but it is so worth it! Apple cider vinegar is your immunity’s best friend. It is packed with rich vitamins, minerals and beneficial acids that are essential to your health. It is also known to help shrink fat and give you lots of energy. I recommend taking 1 Tbsp. every morning right when you wake up on an empty stomach.


Natural Pre-Workout Alternatives